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Our customers are becoming ever more successful because for more than ten years we have been helping them improve their command of German!

The Dutch are used to visitors who do not speak their language because they are aware that they live in a small country where people focus on doing business with other countries. The majority of the Dutch can communicate in English without batting an eyelid. The most common complaint from foreigners visiting the country is that they are not given a chance to learn the language because everyone immediately replies in English when addressed by foreigners. The Dutch often believe they can communicate in English abroad as well, but that is not the case in every country.

Should you cross the border into Germany, you are not only confronted with the German language but their approach to foreign languages also differs significantly from that of the Dutch. Not everyone speaks English. Their culture is also different. Business success depends on communication skills and understanding the culture and general knowledge of the Germans.
Academie Aan de Angstel has more than ten years of experience supporting professionals working in Germany. We have trained entrepreneurs, key account managers, lawyers, bankers and medical doctors and other medical staff to successfully do business and/or work in Germany.

Custom-made training courses

After an initial intake meeting, we determine, in close collaboration with our customer, the focus of the training course:

  • Conversations, presentations, writing email messages or quotes, etc.
  • Jargon used within your professional field.
  • Behaviour (formal or informal forms of address, getting down to business quickly during the first meeting, etc.).
    We also take the current language level of our students into account. At Academie Aan de Angstel the teacher is a native speaker with many years of experience teaching their language. The courses are provided for a single individual or a small group.

Would you like more information about learning to communicate in business German or about our free intake appointment at Abcoude, Amsterdam or online?

Call or e-mail us for more information without obligation.

Academie Aan de Angstel for effective and efficient communications in Business German!

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  • BKVgroep

    In order to be able to assist doctors and medical specialists with recruitment in Germany and Switzerland, I decided to follow Anne’s German course for “Recruitment agents”.

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  • Faay1

    Reference Remco Manten, Planner/Calculator, Faay Vianen

    In our branch more and more we are dealing with companies from abroad, including from Germany. To become a contact point within our organization for the German customers, a colleague and I have signed up for this German course. At the start I explained that I only had 1 year of training at the LTS.

    Before the German course began, my colleague and I had an intake interview (partly in German) to see what level we had. The lessons were prepared on the basis of the intake interviews.

    The lessons were prepared for me in the field of my work. I have had lessons with telephone conversations, but also how to approach someone, for example at an exhibition, to give information about our products. In addition, we made a list of words in Dutch. This list was translated into German for me and recorded. That way I had an MP4 file that I could listen to and I could also practice my pronunciation. I still use the MP4 files after the German lessons to repeat what I have learned.

    It is now possible for me to provide information about our products on the phone, but also at trade shows to German customers.

     June 2018

  • logo ciep

    Anne Kewitsch masters the art of converting your wishes and options into a practical approach.

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  • As I am about to start working in Germany I was looking for German language trainer. My German at secondary school level was sufficient to get by on holiday, but not in a work environment.

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  • During enjoyable private training courses Anne helped me raise my command of business German to a higher level. The lessons were a combination of private and online lessons using Google Hangouts.

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  • La Place

    Anne is a professional in her field. Commitment, flexibility, attention to detail and extreme motivation are her trademarks.

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  • logo Koeka would like to increase its German-speaking market share. This requires an excellent written and spoken command of German.

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  • I recently followed a German training course given by Frau Anne Kewitsch. It was only 20 hours, but I feel I really learned a lot.

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  • The past few weeks, Anne Kewitsch was my German teacher. During this one-on-one training course, we discussed many aspects of the German language: grammar, business correspondence, small talk, culture and literature.

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  • Very motivated trainer. The topics were interesting and to the point. The course material and elements were great.